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Horseback Riding

White Stallion Ranch owns one of the largest private herds of horses in Arizona. We can accommodate the experienced horse-owner, the "first-time" rider and every rider in between.

When needed, our friendly, helpful wranglers will assist guests in overcoming past experiences and develop confidence at any skill level. Our greatest reward is seeing guests and horses working well together.

Children 8 years and older may qualify for our fast rides, mountain rides and all day rides. 

Children between 5 and 8 years may enjoy the slow rides.

Mountain Rides

Mountain Rides: Exciting and beautiful, our steep, rocky, mountain trails take you to the top of our surrounding mountains where the views are fantastic.

Slow Rides

Slow Rides: Slow and easy on the back of a horse, it's the perfect way to experience the desert, soak up some sun and enjoy the incredible scenery.

Fast Rides

Fast Rides: Loping/cantering through the desert is always fun and exciting. Experienced riders love these rides and we pride ourselves on helping beginners gain the skills necessary to participate as well. With the variety of trails we have, the fast rides are always an adventure.

All Day Rides

All Day Rides: This could be the best ride of your life! For our guests who are comfortable on the fast ride, you'll spend almost 8 hours in the saddle and cover 20 - 25 miles. Lunch is served on the trail. Highlights of this ride include traveling through Saguaro National Park, Box Canyon and seeing Native American petroglyphs.


Lessons: Highly popular and instructive, our lessons are geared to the group's level. Private lessons are also available. All riding activities are included in our rate except lessons which do have an extra charge.

Wine and Cheese Rides

Wine and Cheese Rides: For adults only, a scenic walking ride to an area of the ranch where, surrounded on three sides by beautiful mountains and your horse only a stone's throw a way, you can enjoy wine and cheese and other treats. Truly a unique experience. (Available Seasonally)

Beer and Cheetos Rides

Beer and Cheetos Rides: Is also available with all the same features, only with Beer and Cheetos and other snack foods as it's reward.

Team Cattle Penning

Team Cattle Penning: In our 2.35 acre rodeo arena you and 3 team mates ride Bonanza style into a herd of cattle, separate out 3 and push them together into a pen. This is a timed event but you are welcome to go at whatever speed you are comfortable. It is all about team work and you will be given instruction. Team Penning lasts for about one hour, each team gets three rounds to better their time. If you do not have a team, don't worry, we can match you with others and our Wranglers are always happy to help. (Team Penning is classed as a fast ride and so is for 8 year olds and over.)


Hayride: A thirty minute Wagon ride to and from our desert cookout site for hamburgers and hot-dogs with all the trimmings (vegetarian option available) all cooked over our mesquite grill.

Half Day Ride

Half Day Ride: Choose to do one or choose to do both. Our Half Day rides are approximately 3 1/2 hours long and either go around the perimeter of our beautiful ranch property or out to Javalina Canyon in the National park. Similarly to the All Day rides, Half Day rides are for comfortable fast riders.

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