Riding at White Stallion Ranch

“This place is my paradise – and the animals are all healthy and well cared for. I was scared at first about the horse riding because I had only been once, as a little kid. But they did such a great job matching me with my horse that I never had anything to worry about … he was just my speed.”  Trip Advisor Guest Review, 2014

White Stallion Ranch owns one of the largest private herds of horses in Arizona. We can accommodate the experienced horse-owner, the “first-time” rider and every rider in between.

When needed, our friendly, helpful wranglers will assist guests in overcoming past experiences and develop confidence at any skill level. Our greatest reward is seeing guests and horses working well together.

Children 8 years and older may qualify for our fast rides, mountain rides and all day rides. Children between 5 and 8 years may enjoy the slow rides.

Mountain Rides

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All Day Rides

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Beer & Cheetos Rides

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Slow Rides

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Team Cattle Penning

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Fast Rides

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Hay Ride

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Wine & Cheese Rides

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