Horse of the Month at White Stallion Ranch

Anciana is the Horse of the Month
for Novemberanciana-masage-from-sara-rNovember  2016

This little mare came to us from Rancho de la Osa in Sasabe,
after Russell and Laura went to help the owners price their herd.
They bought a couple geldings
for the Ranch and headed home.  Then they decided to purchase more of the herd
and Anciana was brought to White Stallion.
She is extremely popular with the wranglers and guests because of her sweet disposition.
She is black with a freeze brand on her right shoulder.
she stands 14.3 hands and weighs about 1100 lb.s
She really enjoyed her treatment with René!

Please vote for your favorite horse while at the ranch.

The ballot box is at the Front Desk.

You may choose your favorite horse based on temperament, looks, comfortable gaits, athleticism or a combination of all these qualities.

Each month, the horse with the most votes will receive a “carrot cake”, a bath and an equine massage – No, really!
Our horses  appreciate all the special attention that comes with their Award for Horse of the Month – equine massage therapy, a bath and their grain mixed with carrots.

If you forgot to vote at the ranch, you may e-mail us your choice at