Horse of the Month at White Stallion Ranch

 Hombre is the Horse of the Month for March

Hombre HOTM for March 017

Originally from Mexico, Hombre came to us one day when a cowboy was using him to round up cattle next door. When he finished, he brought Hombre over and asked if we would like to buy him. We said “yes” and he has been here ever since.

He is very popular with all kinds of riders…and according to one guest, he has a very good sense of humor and laughed at all of his jokes.  Hombre won this month’s award by a Huge Landslide –  a nod to you ballot box stuffing friends out there.

He is a tri-color paint gelding,  15.1 hands tall and weighs in at 1000 lbs. He likes baths and grooming and some guests say he has “airplane ears.” 

Please vote for your favorite horse while at the ranch

 The ballot box is at the Front Desk
You may choose your favorite horse based on temperament, looks, comfortable gaits, athleticism or a combination of all these qualities. Each month, the horse with the most votes will receive a “carrot cake”, a bath and an equine massage – No, really!
Our horses appreciate all the special attention that comes with their Award for Horse of the Month – equine massage therapy, a bath and their grain mixed with carrots.

If you forgot to vote at the ranch, you may e-mail us your choice at