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White Stallion Ranch - Horse of the Month

The Horse of the Month is nominated by our guests who have a special place in their heart for one of our horses.
All are invited to vote –  and you may place your vote in the Ballot Box at the Front Desk or e-mail us at
The winning horse will receive a therapeutic massage and chiropractic adjustment, a bath and a “Carrot Cake” treat of grain and carrots.
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Horse of the Month - Moby

August 2019Moby is a Sorrel gelding with a blaze – he’s registered as an American Arabian. He stands 14.3 hands, weighs  1,000 lbs and he’s is huge favorite with the ladies…

 This probably explains why –  when Laura went to look at him, the gal that was selling him had trained him when he was 3 years old. Her health had been steadily declining for several years and she could no longer ride. When we bought Moby he was 10 years old and he thought he was a dog, not a horse. As he went through his ranch horse boot camp training he remembered a lot of his training and he is now a guest favorite.
Laredo Horse of the Month for July

July 2019 – We bought Laredo from a Ranch on the Mexican border which was closing and needed to sell their entire string.

Originally, Russell and Laura went to the Ranch to help them  price their horses to sell online. They bought Laredo and few geldings, then went back and purchased the rest of the herd.
Laredo is a Bay grade quarter horse with a freeze brand on his right shoulder.  He stands 15 hands and weighs about 1200 lb.s
Horse of the Month - Gray Cloud

June 2019Grey Cloud was a privately owned pleasure horse before he came to the Ranch

He was very sweet as a family horse but he had much to learn about working with guests and getting along in the herd.

He was enrolled in “dude ranch training camp” to learn how to fit in with everyone.

He’s actually a grey and white paint, and stands 15.1 hands and weighs 1150 lbs

Horse of the Month - Hombre

May 2019Hombre  was originally from Mexico. He is one of our all time best children’s horses, and has been with the Ranch for most of his career.

One day a cowboy was using him to round up cattle next door, and when he finished he rode over and asked if we would buy his horse, and we did.

Hombre is 15.1 hands and weighs 1,000 lb.s He is a grade quarter horse, and a tri-colour  paint, though he seem mostly brown and white  he has black mane behind his ears.

Scooter - Horse of the Month

April 2019Scooter frequently wins Horse of the Month because he’s very popular with our beginner and intermediate riders.

He is a sorrel and white paint gelding, with a blaze and 4 white stockings.He has the friendliest personality and always seems so happy to see you.

Scooter stands 14.2 hands and weighs about 1,000 lbs.He was raised in Idaho to be a rodeo horse, but by age 3, he just didn’t have the size or speed to compete at a high level, so his owner brought him to Tucson and sold him to us.

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