Team Cattle Penning at White Stallion Ranch

This guest favorite is as much fun as you can have on the back of a horse, it is a total adrenaline rush!

You and three teammates ride “Bonanza” style into a herd of cattle in our rodeo arena and separate out three to move to a pen. To up the stakes, this is a timed event, but you are welcome to ride at whatever speed you find most comfortable. It’s all about teamwork, so our wranglers will give you tips and instructions. Team Penning lasts about one hour, and each team gets three rounds to better their time. It’s exciting and challenging, and you will rely on everything you’ve learned about riding  – when you finish, you’ll feel like a real cowboy/cowgirl!

If you don’t have a team, don’t worry, we will match you with others, and our wranglers are always happy to ride! Team Penning is classified as a fast ride and only available to children 8 years old and over.