White Stallion Ranch ~ Going Solar

Russell attended the State of the City Address for Oro Valley as  a board member for the Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau in 2008.

Solar Path was there with a Solar display, and they offerred the opportunity for the utility sponsored, government funded solar program. After much internal discussion, the Ranch decided that based on the economic uncertainty of the times, they would not join the program.

Subsequently the program became fully subscribed and the opportunity was gone. However, because of the severity and length of the economic decline, several companies dropped out and Solar Path came to us again. An opening was available, so we opted in, creating the largest private solar farm in the Tucson area.

On January the 3rd (2011) construction began and on Tuesday the 22nd of March the first solar panels began to operate.

We have three separate sites where the electricity comes from solar panels into the meters for the ranch; the well, staff area and our main lodge buildings plus west side rooms.

This is the largest amount of solar power that we are allowed to install based on the program.

When last checked, the meter for the main lodge had delivered 5,360 KWH, bought 104 KWH and sold back 7 KWH. The system is designed to power 35% to 40% of the electricity for the ranch, which we find a very exciting prospect indeed.