Movie History

Since the early days as a backdrop in Western feature films and later, as the location for the television series High Chaparral (1968-72) White Stallion Ranch has consistently attracted the attention of Hollywood Producers.
Here’s a list of films shot on location in chronological order:

Arizona – 1939 William Holden and Jean Arthur
Relentless – 1948 Robert Young
The Last Round Up – 1948 Gene Autry
The Gal Who Took the West – 1949 Yvonne DeCarlo
Winchester 73 – 1950 Jimmy Stewart
Apache Drums – 1951 Stephen McNally and Coleen Gray
The Last Outpost (cavalry charge scene) 1951 Ronald Reagan
A Kiss before Dying – 1955 Robert Wagner and Joann Woodward
Apache Ambush – 1955 Bill Williams
Backlash – 1956 Richard Widmark and Donna Reed
The Bottom of the Bottle – 1956 Joseph Cotton and Van Johnson
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold – 1956 Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels
The Mini-Skirt Mob – 1968 Jeremy Slate, Diane McBain
Young Billy Young – 1969 Robert Mitchum, Angie Dickerson and Robert Walker Jr.
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice – 1969 Geraldine Page and Ruth Gordon
Five Savage Men – 1971 Henry Silva and Michelle Carey
How the West Was Won – 1977 James Arness TV Mini Series
Perdita Durango – 1977 Rosie Perez, European film
The New Maverick – 1978 James Garner TV movie
Wild, Wild West Once More – 1980 Robert Conrad and Jonathan Winters
Flashpoint -1984 Kris Kristofferson
Stones for Ibarra – 1988 Glenn Close and Keith Carradine TV movie
Geronimo – 1993 director Robert Young, writer J.T. Allen
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – 2002 George Clooney and Sam Rockwell
The Last Blast – 2006 Heinz Hoenig
Hot Bath and A Stiff Drink and A Close Shave – 2014  Jeffrey Patterson, Frankie Nunez and Alison Eastwood