Ranch History

Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the True Family at White Stallion Ranch in 2015

Fifty years of  mindful stewardship of the land and exceptional guest  service brings the third generation of the True family to the forefront. Joining the team are Russell’s sons, Steven and David. In keeping with family tradition, you’ll see them all over the ranch, from wrangling and managing staff to serving breakfast cookouts and grilling your steak for dinner. When you visit the ranch, you’ll find you are truly a guest in their home.


White Stallion Ranch was originally built in the 1900’s and began as a cattle ranch. The original property was constructed of Mexican adobe brick made of mud and straw. During renovation, wire and horseshoes were found in the walls. A small part of the the original adobe is on display in the dining room, the original building on the ranch.

Homesteaded by David Young in 1936 – 1939, Young became the first deeded owner of the property.  Herbert and Vine Bruning purchased the ranch  in 1939 to ranch cattle, chickens and turkeys.  They changed the name to CB Bar Ranch and it was once  home to 30,000 birds. In 1945, Max Zimmerman (a Chicago liquor store owner) bought the ranch and moved West to become part of the 100 strong guest ranch industry in Tucson.  Max named the ranch the MZ Bar Ranch, and constructed six buildings complete with kitchenettes for guests. These building are still standing as rooms 1- 12.

In 1949, Mary Varner purchased the property, continuing to operate it as a Guest Ranch, she also offered long term rentals to the nearby Marana Army Airfield.  1959 was the year Brew and Marge Towne, of Cape Cod, Massachusetts fulfilled their dream of owning a Guest Ranch. They re-named the ranch White Stallion, even though they wanted to name it The Black Stallion.  They quickly realized that “BS Ranch” sported a negative connotation and White Stallion has stood the test of time.

In 1965, Allen and Cynthia True came from Colorado to make the ranch their home, with Russell, just five years old and Michael still in a crib.
The ranch consisted of 17 rooms, 17 horses and 200 acres. The number of Guest Ranches left in the area had dropped to about 30, most were casualties of Tucson’s Urban Sprawl. With an eye toward the future, Allen and Cynthia began purchasing adjacent land as it became available, increasing the ranch to 3,000 acres. Today, the ranch offers 41 rooms and a 4 bedroom Hacienda for guest accommodations.

While maintaining the traditions of the West with many of the original buildings still in use, Russell and Michael have added sunken tennis courts, a movie theater, a new pool and hot tub area with a serenity patio, lighted sport courts a spa area and fitness center. They have established one of the largest privately owned herds of horses in Arizona and a large herd of cattle.

The rest, as they say – is history, today you’ll meet the the third generation of Trues – working side by side with their sleeves rolled up, serving guests in the family tradition.