Horse of the Month at White Stallion Ranch

Gato is the Horse of the Month for June

Gato is a Leopard Appaloosa/Draft Cross Gelding

he’s grey with brown spots, 16.2 hands and weighs about 1,250 lb.s

Our horse trader bought him at auction in Utah, he was a privately owned pleasure horse


some of his votes:
 he was goofy and loud but he always listens
very friendly
so gentle and he always come over to say “hi”
he’s perfect
he is an amazing horse, very gentle and kind, but he has a wild spirit and loves to run free
he is nice and gentle but energetic
such a sweetie and well behaved
he was my granddaughter’s horse and she LOVED him

Please vote for your favorite horse while at the ranch

The ballot box is at the Front Desk
You may choose your favorite horse based on temperament, looks, comfortable gaits, athleticism or a combination of all these qualities.
Each month, the horse with the most votes will receive a “carrot cake”, a bath and an equine massage – No, really!
Our horses appreciate all the special attention that comes with their Award for Horse of the Month – equine massage therapy, a bath and their grain mixed with carrots.

If you forgot to vote at the ranch, you may e-mail us your choice at