Horse of the Month at White Stallion Ranch



Vienna is the Horse of the Month for August

Vienna is a 10 year old Bay Mare and she is 15.2 hands
She came to us from our horse trader, who said
she had been a personal pleasure horse that belonged
to a ranching family.
She is very popular with our guests and has a nice easy-going, calm personalty.
Some comments from her votes:
She’s so gentle and sweet
Shes a very hard working girl
She is so friendly to her rider and she loves her job
She is so smart and has a beautiful lope!

Awesome is the Horse of the Month for September

Awesome is a sorrel mare with a blaze, she’s a registered Quarter Horse.
She is 16 hands and weighs about 1150 lb.s
Awesome came to us from Tombstone Monument Ranch, and before that she belonged to a
a girl with special needs who had a hard time getting on and off because of her height.
Awesome started her career as a Racehorse, her registered name was  “I R Awesome”
Some comments from her votes:
She is kind, willing, super fun and above all AWESOME
She is a very kind horse and gave me the week of my life, and taught me Western Riding
She is cute, fast and safe!

Please vote for your favorite horse while at the ranch

The ballot box is at the Front Desk
You may choose your favorite horse based on temperament, looks, comfortable gaits, athleticism or a combination of all these qualities.
Each month, the horse with the most votes will receive a “carrot cake”, a bath and an equine massage – No, really!
Our horses appreciate all the special attention that comes with their Award for Horse of the Month – equine massage therapy, a bath and their grain mixed with carrots.

If you forgot to vote at the ranch, you may e-mail us your choice at