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White Stallion Ranch Activities

White Stallion Ranch Activities

Choose from a wide selection of challenging outdoor adventures and state-of-the-art facilities for recreation and relaxing at White Stallion Ranch. The activities offered go well beyond the riding program, with many amenities and activities to entertain our non-riding guests.  You may want to extend your vacation to take advantage of all the fun! Rock Climbing, Shooting and Fat Tire E-Bikes are available at an additional charge for stays of less than 4 nights.

This Sample Schedule illustrates the variety of weekly activities available, it is subject to change according to Seasons and Weather.

7:00am-   Slow Ride or Fast Ride
7:30am-   E-Biking
9:00am-   E-Biking
9:00am-   Slow Ride or Fast Ride
10:30am- Lessons
2:30pm-   Leatherwork Workshop
5:00pm-   E-Biking
5:00pm-   Slow Mountain or Fast     Mountain “Sidewinder
or Cattle Sorting
8:30pm- Art Class with Ute

6:30am- Rock Climbing
7:00am- Breakfast Ride with “Echo Moutain” Continuation
8:30am- Rock Climbing
9:00am- Slow Ride or Fast Ride
or Cattle Sorting
10:30am- Lessons
5:00pm- Slow Ride or Fast Ride
or Team Penning
6:30pm- Monsoon Mule Hay Wagon Ride
8:30pm- Wild West Show: Loop Rawlins

7:00am- Slow Mountain or Fast Mountain Ride “Lookout
7:30am- Shooting
9:00am- Slow or Fast Flat Ride or Cattle Sorting
9:00am- Shooting
10:30am- Lessons
3:00pm- Slow Ride
3:00pm- Horsemanship Class
5:00pm- Rodeo
8:30pm- Critter Show

7:00am-   Half Day Ride  “Perimeter”
7:00am-   Slow Ride
7:30am-   E-Biking
8:30am-   Guided MovieTour
9:00am-   E-Biking
9:00am-   Slow Ride or Fast Ride or Cattle Sorting
10:30am- Lessons
5:00pm-   E-Biking
5:00pm-  Slow Ride, Fast Ride or Team Penning
8:30pm-   Cowboy Singer: Bill Ganz

6:00am- All Day Ride
7:00am- Slow Mountain or Fast Mountain “Suicide Pass”
7:30am- Shooting
9:00am- Shooting
9:15am- Slow or Fast Flat Ride
10:30am- Lessons
2:30pm- Horseshoe Decorating Workshop
4:30pm- Beer & Cheetos
5:00pm- Shooting
5:00pm- Slow Ride or Fast Ride or Cattle Sorting
8:30pm- Star Party

6:30am- Rock Climbing
7:00am- Breakfast Ride with “Panther Peak” Continuation
8:30am- Rock Climbing
9:00am- Slow or Fast Ride
10:30am- Lessons
5:00pm- Slow Ride, Fast Ride, or Team Penning
6:30pm- Sunset Ride (Slow)
8:00pm- Cowboy Singer: David Rychner

6:30am-Rock Climbing
7:30am E-Biking
7:30am Shooting
8:30am-Rock Climbing
9:00am E-Biking
9:00am Shooting
5:00pm E-Biking 5:00pm Shooting
8:30pm – Country Western Dancing
Horses’ Day off- No Horseback Riding

Introducing Our New Outdoor Adventure  Package

We’re experimenting with some great new outdoor activities, and you’re invited to participate. Now you can add Shooting, Rock Climbing and Fat Tire E-bikes to your ranch vacation for No Additional Charge!

Your stay of 4 nights or longer qualifies for our new Adventure Package ~ unless you book during the Holidays or Spring Break when your length of stay increases to 6 nights to qualify.

Rock Climbing

White Stallion Ranch Rock Climbing
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If you’ve never tried climbing before, here’s your chance to experience it in an incredible setting. If you’re an experienced climber, you will definitely be challenged by our climbs! If you are a beginner, you will experience the accomplishment of completing your very first climb. We provide all the necessary climbing gear; helmets, shoes and hardware.

Our Certified Climbing Instructor will guide you climbing boulders and faces on the east end of the ranch. He has designed beginner, intermediate and advanced climbs.

The climbing program is based on top roped bouldering and top roped single pitch climbing. Climbs range from 30′ to 60′ with difficulty ratings from 5.3 to 5.12+ with every rating in between. We currently offer 30 different routes and we’re still expanding.  Climbing is offered 3 days a week, with two 2-hour climbs. You’ll experience all the conveniences of a climbing gym with the added thrill and challenges of real rock, fantastic weather and the beauty of the Tucson Mountains. Team Building Programs are also offered through our climbing program, please inquire for details.

$85. per person 2 hour climb


White Stallion Ranch Fast Rides
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White Stallion Ranch owns one of the largest private herds of horses in Arizona. Our extensive riding program accommodates the experienced horse owner, the “first-time” rider and all riders in between.  Each guest is carefully matched with a specific horse for the duration of their stay, based on their experience, height, weight and riding ambitions.

We offer a wide choice of rides every day except SUNDAY, which is always the horses’ day off.

Children 8 years and older may qualify for our fast rides, mountain rides and all day rides. Children between 5 and 8 years will enjoy our slow rides. Children under 5 may experience the thrill of riding on a safe and comfortable lead line ride guided by  one of our staff.


White Stallion Ranch Hiking

Our Tucson Mountain backdrop and border with Saguaro National Park makes White Stallion Ranch a supreme location for high desert hiking.

We offer several guided hikes weekly: from a family-friendly, informative, nature walk to increasingly challenging hikes up Mesa Vista and to the top of Panther Peak.  Guests may hike without our guides, directions and suggestions are available at the Front Desk and from our guides.

Travel with us to the Saguaro National Park for the King’s Canyon Hike, featuring ancient Native American petroglyphs.  We access this ancient form of communication via a well-maintained trail, appropriate for families and novice hikers.   The petroglyphs are attributed to the Hohokam Indians, who inhabited this area from 250 through 1450 A.D. There are some stairs to climb on the way in, but this a great intergenerational family hike complete with a picnic table and bathroom available.

This trail is also the most direct route to reach Wasson’s Peak – the highest summit (4,687 ft) of Tucson Mountains. Hikers may take the old mining road that follows King’s Canyon or hike up the Canyon along the wash. Depending on the route chosen, there are two locations with petroglyphs along the way. Hiking boots are recommended, expect to spend 3 – 3.5 hours on this hike.

Our Nature Walk introduces you to the flora, fauna and geology of the Sonoran Desert. This is an easy, flat hike appropriate for all ages interested in learning about our unique desert surroundings. Questions and discussions are encouraged. Duration 1 – 2 hours, no hiking boots required, although closed-toe shoes are a must for your comfort and safety.

Mesa Vista Hike is an intermediate level hike with a focus on geology, history and the formation of the mountains. There will be some off trail hiking. The views are incredible, taking in the ranch, Picacho Peak,  Mt. Lemmon, the Tucson Basin and the Rincon Mountains.  It is a 3-hour adventure, and hiking boots are recommended.

The Panther Peak Hike will dramatically change your perspective of the ranch and several miles beyond. This is our most challenging hike and will take approximately 4 hours to complete. It is a 2-hour uphill climb that gains over 1300′ feet in elevation and has steeper inclines than any of our other hikes. Panther Peak is not recommended for children under 10 years old. Hiking boots are recommended.


Shooting at White Stallion Ranch

If you’re ready to “Get Western” visit the ranch shooting range for professional instruction, honing your skills and some friendly competition. You’ll be shooting Cowboy style Henry Yellowboy .22 caliber lever action rifles and Ruger .22 caliber single action pistols.

Using small caliber rifles and pistols with very little recoil, you can comfortably practice your skills on the steel reactive targets. These reactive targets let you know you’ve hit the mark by flipping, moving or making noise.  A dueling shooting tree is used for competitive shooting  – leaving no doubt as to who earned the bragging rights as “top shot.”

$45 per person

Fat Tire Bikes

Fat Tire Biking at White Stallion Ranch
$40 per person  1-hour
$75 per person  2-hours

Evening Entertainment

White Stallion Ranch Evening Entertainment

You’ll enjoy amazing performances and educational events most evenings after dinner.

Our schedule includes: a moonlight bonfire with a cowboy singer, an astronomy show with large telescopes, line dancing lessons, nature and animal programs, watercolor classes with our resident artist Ute Vaughn and Loop Rawlins’ Wild West Show of Trick Roping, Whip Cracking & Gun Spinning.

Weekly Ranch Rodeo

White Stallion Ranch Rodeo

Once a week the True family and friends present an exhibition rodeo in the large arena. Russell narrates,  explaining the objective of each event, noting fun facts and illustrating the history of rodeo.  Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Break-a-Way Roping and Bulldogging (or Chute Dogging) are most often presented. The Rodeo opens with the Lee Greenwood song “I’m Proud To Be An American” and a dramatic horseback presentation of the American flag, as well as a mounted honor guard presenting flags for the countries of each of our foreign guests.

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